February 6, 2013
By Chero8p PLATINUM, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Chero8p PLATINUM, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
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You know what I love?
I’d Love to get inside your head
See what’s going on inside that mind of yours
To see how your brain ticks
And what ticks you off
What drives you crazy
What makes you feel safe
How does it feel to have someone inside,
Where the truth can’t hide.
Where even your deepest darkest secrets and truths can be found
I’d like to see how you try to face your fears
How you try to stay sane in such a world
That is hard to do so in
I’d love to see who you love & who you hate.
What you love,
Your most violent out burst and your most silent cry.
I want to see how you judge others
How you judge me, and maybe how people judge you
Cause we all know it isn’t true.
I want to see you react once your Truth is revealed
Out in the open unable to hide
Would it be hard to cope?
Tell me, could you handle the exposure?
Tell me, how would you feel to be so
Vulnerable and fragile to this world?
Not one ounce of strength seen.
Trust me it’s not a dream.
So what would or could you do now,
That I’ve seen all of you?
By Cherokee Walker 11/26/12

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