February 6, 2013
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That is the key,
Or so they once told me
Since we were young we were told we could be
Whoever or whatever we want to be
But as we get older
And the wool is pulled from our eyes
We finally realize
It’s not as true as we once thought.
Acceptance isn’t so easy to do
So we all try so hard to be what we think the ones around us want to see
There never seems to get anyone anywhere yet why do we try so hard to be accepted by people we don’t know?
It doesn’t matter what we want anymore
Society is what we are trying to rebel against but if you just open your eyes you’ll see
It’s You.
You are, they are, I am, WE are Society.
So why are we trying desperately to be what we thought was someone else when it’s truly just us?
Acceptance is what you make it
Acceptance is that 5 year old asking what those marks on your arms are and no matter what the answer is they’ll love you anyway
Acceptance is when you get home from a hard days work to your dog of two years greeting you with happiness, joy and a kiss on the cheek.
Once you finally understand the word there wont be any need to Prove yourself
To show people of who you are
Because if they accept you for who you are you would not have to Show who you are.

By Cherokee Walker 1/09/13 7:16pm

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