Farewell My Friend

February 6, 2013
I expect to see you waiting behind the door.
Your tail wagging; god knows what for.
I expect to see your smile as I’m walking in,
But I know it won’t ever happen again.

I want to stroke your fur with my hands,
Though I know I won’t ever again.
I want to be assured you’ll be there
Yet it’s like you vanished in thin air.

I get the reasons for giving you away.
Even after that, I still wanted you to stay.
I get the fact that you pushed us too far,
But since you left, I bare a huge scar.

I know you will go to a better place.
But I will always remember your loving face.
And I know that where ever you are, you’ll be happy,
Just all I’m asking is please don’t forget me…

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