February 25, 2013
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Today is a new start, a meaning of being strong.
Today I put on my sweat shirt,instead of yours.
Today i put on my perfume instead, of your Axe Body Spray.
Today I do things for myself,instead of doing things for us or you.
Today my phone is quiet and can keep a charge instead of blown up and dead.
Today I listen to songs that keep me strong, instead of songs that WERE about us.
An today I walk the hallways and streets with my head down and a frown on my face.
Give me time,and my heartache will fade away.
I'm going to stand on the edge, let the wind hit my face and have no problem of falling.

I don't cry because we broke up, I cry because i know the memories are here and no matter how much I try try to leave the memories where they lay, I cant because it's impossible!
The time I spent with you, is time i will never be able to get back, and you said you loved me?
You can't love two people, because if you loved her you wouldn't of fell for me.

The crying will take time to stop, the heartache will eventually fade away, and you will eventually be a time of my past, just like I am already to you, YOUR PAST!!!
Keeping STRONG is going to be hard, but i have the strength,capability and power to do it.
because I'm strong, and this is just the end of a chapter of my life. It's also a new beginning to another chapter.
~Today is the day I put my ring up and start to be strong~

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