February 25, 2013
By mariahisabellevin PLATINUM, Santa Ana, California
mariahisabellevin PLATINUM, Santa Ana, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Now you see me, now you don't
Don't ask me where I'm at
'Cause I'm a million miles away"- Green Day

someone told me that i’d feel alive
with my head up in the clouds
so i took his hand and he flew me up
and i was more than just a body

he took me up into the sky
it was bliss
to be so alone and yet so connected
it was something i’d been dreaming of
he was perfect
i was perfect
everything was perfect
it was happiness that i’d never felt before
i was more than just another girl
i thought: if only it could last

i felt myself smiling and
when he took me back to earth
i ran straight to a mirror
the face i saw wasn’t mine
i didn’t recognize my reflection
the me that wasn’t me
blinked at me

and that’s when i saw it
her eyes were green
not shadowed and gray
and from within her eyes
i pulled out a book and
i read the whole story
of fairytales of growing up
there was always a happy ending
but the covers of the book were blank on the outside
like the author didn’t know
how to present it to the world

she smiled as she rode off with her prince
but inside she was still alone and dumb
and she sang with the birds and climbed trees
but just behind her voice there was pain
and longing
a dream of something more

i thought i knew her
i thought i knew how to tell her story
but i’m realizing that a story like hers
is impossible to tell
because the way she feels and
the things she does
don’t add up

she’s like the face i see when i
catch my reflection in a lake

not real
just a reflection
of who i wish i could be

i guess that’s what you get when you
go flying with an angel

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