this is a war

February 25, 2013
i should have known we couldn’t
make it out alive
i should have known not to start a
fight against our shadows

have you ever noticed how hard it is to
see your own shadow?
you can’t always watch your dark side
it’s easier to spy on someone else’s
you can see who they are without speaking to them
and you can know them so well without ever seeing their face

you can walk all over their darkness
and they’d never see a thing
because that part of them is behind them
it’s part of the past
its not really them
not right now

its weird that you can see shadows
better in the light
at night it’s like the world
is just one big waking shadow
everyone can see it
everyone can hold it
and everyone knows its power

i realized way too late that
i can’t catch my shadow
and i can’t catch yours either
shadows aren’t meant to be held
or studied
they’re not meant to be caught or

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