Reposing Woes

February 21, 2013
See me not, sense me so
Do not know a single woe
Although death said “I am the final end,
Our time together is condemned”
You require, refuse to accept,
Articulate that never because of him you wept
For I undertake an honest pledging vow
That my cease of breath, our disbanding, I not allow
That grounded single earthly things, our two sworn rings
Provide our love the continuing to harmoniously sing

See me not, sense me so
But show not woe
Comfort in oath, until sound is deaf and colors are blind
That each other we will always find
Catch me in all the little things
Apron strings, shoulder slings, Saratoga Springs
Know that I am there
Watching you fair while I trod in the air

See me not, but sense me so
Do not feel a single woe
Just stand in faith to soundly know
For you I will always wait
For our final everlasting date
Where you can eternally be
Holding hands next to me
Where we both know we should always be

So see me not, but sense me so
Never let me go, but temporarily let me lie low
Erase your pitiful woes and just resolve know
That even though I repose
That this not is a final goodbye, but an eternal hello

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