Remember the Fallen Birds

February 21, 2013
By missprettykitty5 BRONZE, Riverside, California
missprettykitty5 BRONZE, Riverside, California
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A day set aside to remember
The Fallen Birds that soared so high
Fallen from a mindless attack
Caused by those who hate for reasons
No known by a society that tries too much
To know things not meant to be known

Remember the fallen birds
Heal those families that were left scarred
On a day so tragic, so over used
It hurts to remember, so the media stole it
Stole what goes into our hearts
And put it in our minds

In a hundred years a generation
Will open books to study the day
The day will be lost, a forgotten holiday
No one will remember
The birds that fell, what we felt
The families torn, the lives stolen

It became an identity, we portrayed it so
Instead of a day to remember
We blocked the memory
Threw it away
What we never stopped to realize is
Our past differs our identity,
And identity is never an excuse

As a nation we were injured,
So as a nation we recovered
But nothing stops the lonely souls
The personal stories, the mothers
The fathers, siblings, aunts and uncles
Nothing, nothing stops the pain

So pause to remember the fallen birds
We lived through the present history
All history was made once
By people who truly understood
Help heal the torn families
But do not forget, please, do not forget the fallen birds

The author's comments:
this is about 9/11.

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