The Guilty

February 14, 2013
Shaking in the palms, fades away your gift to breathe. My eyes couldn't bear that it was your time to leave. You came to me and said its not my fault. But this guilt has made its nest deep inside. You tell me i did everything i could. Please forgive me, I know I don't need to punish myself. Still,I feel the need i should.
I cant begin to imagine the horror that debauched your future. Scarlet soaked the snow. I clenched you close, I would've shared my heart beat, sacrificed my life as your host. To this day vengeance courses these stricken veins. No one runs away without having a price to pay.
Never shed a tear, i wont shed this shade of fear. Its the abnegating that haunts my lucid and broken soul. Limbs, not far from taking their toll. The deceased are tranquil with no anguish of the dark. I made a promise, I've dedicated myself to show all we're the same, born to burn our own marks.

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