Bittersweet Memory

February 25, 2013
I've lost my touch
My charm has faded
No more smooth sailing as such
From before we were berated
They shout my name
From high on top a mountain
Going down in fame
Flowing from the infamous fountain
Yet not the one of youth
But the one extremely cold
From it comes not the truth
But lies derived from the age of old
The best lie
Is mostly true
The best cry
Are the ones I've heard from you
The most bittersweet tears
Are the ones from your ducts
The most memorable years
Were the ones with no bucks
When we didn't care
The thoughts of others
The world was unfair
But we were still lovers
We had nothing to lose
But the love in our hearts
It was actually just a ruse
And every chamber had its parts
By the last act of the play
I realized the pain
And that the most memorable years
Are the ones filled with bittersweet tears

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