February 25, 2013
i’m going away
i’m leaving this place
and i’ll never remember
our last day
because its too painful to think
about you and i
cuz we lost it all
in the blink
of an eye
one day you were here
then next you were there
with her late at night
in hot summer air
but i can't let you go
cuz you were my world
and i’ll try to forget
but i know it wont work
because all those years
you were mine
and i was yours
and there was nothing to doubt
and nothing to hide
i told you my darkest secrets
my biggest fear
which was to lose people i love
that included you
did you enjoy knowing
that loving and losing you
was the only thing that
ever scared me shitless?
you were worth ever minute of worry
every tear of pain
but sometimes, i wish we’d never met
so i could
just forget your name,
another stranger on a train
but its branded and burned into the
background of my every thought
and i can’t hide the scars
because that would mean losing you
and letting go

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