February 25, 2013
but oh god,
i feel like I can’t breathe
my head is goin’ under
and i’m sinking in the sea
what do i do?
i never learned to swim
the water’s pressing on my lungs
and i gotta let it in
‘cause the waves are too high
and the water’s too deep
the tide is like a lullaby
putting me to sleep
and i’m at the bottom of the ocean
my heart is stopped, my mind is floatin’
i can’t see the surface anymore
i’m buried beneath the ocean floor
my lungs stopped cryin’ for air
i let myself be carried in the waves of despair
now i’ve sunk down, down, down to where darkness lies
quickly, like an anchor, i dropped in the blink of an eye
now i’m just a broken piece of another huge mistake
just a memory of playing pretend and being fake
i’m lying at the bottom of the ocean
i’m already buried, already forgotten
just another shipwreck

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