Carnival Lonely

February 24, 2013
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Carnival lonely
Darkness holds me,
and the northern star
looks and feels so far
that I think I'm going
down, down, down.

Then the bitter moon
lights in me anew
The light and love of few.
Life or lonely?
Hold me.

And its a spark plug
A criminal heart-mug,
A self-love stun-hug
among the darknesses.

The merry goes round,
But I couldn't hear the sound,
and it's all silence underneath,
underneath this speechlessness.

It doesn't take much to die,
It doesn't mean much to lie
to yourself, to say you're fine.
Look, walk the invisible line,
got a head but not much spine.

Fun house scares me,
because funny bares me
to the wandering eyes
that this carnival sold me.

Anyway, I took a ride up
to the northern star with a smile.
It's a funny carnival, this life.
But then the dust is settled
into evening hush, darkness brush.
Color out the lonely, only
another day, another lay,
another way to lose myself
to the darkness ferris wheel.

It's so lonely up here,
who wanted a star, anyway?
Silence among the sound.
Lost among the found.
Can you see me?

Carnival lonely.
Told you I'm only
a little disappointed,
holy-water anointed
on the edge of lovelessness.
No one sees it.

White walls peeling,
self-love stealing,
funny flowers reeling
at the blue-eyed boy
with such a rainy feeling.

Carnival lonely.
Hold me.
Hold me.
Hold me.
Hold me.
Hold me.
Hold me.
Hold me.


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