February 24, 2013
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failure is having the audacity to dream in a dreamless world
a place where hopes are banished
and passions are worth a grain of dirt
we live in a world where failure is the ultimate humiliation
it's the stocks of modern society
as we wait to be pelted with words
we stand naked in failure
open to the cruelty of our common man
perfection is the only thing worth living for
a simple mistake can cost one there life
I hate our world
it's filled with two faced know it alls
holding their noses high beating the weak because of their insolence
I hate our world because of the wasted talent
where emotions mean nothing
cold hard cash is the only success
the penniless are worthless
yet we worship the billionaires
who would kill us as soon as look at us
we have forsaken hearts for banks
and love for money
I stand here with a dream
that no one else has seams worth having
a dream that has left me naked and alone
left with nothing but my hopes that are continuously being crushed
I'm being stomped on because I have a hope
a hope that I can do what I love and not what makes money
only the fortunate can do both
and the only meaning of fortune is cash
I long to fallow my dreams but the world we live in forbids it
banishes it
fears it
I'm persecuted for my hope
for the things I keep locked away in my skull
when they try to step out there immediately stoned
we live in a holocaust where were all the Jews struggling for life
but I pray that the war will be over
and we can think once again

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