i like you

February 23, 2013
With a broken heart
Can you still
Like someone?
I wasnt sure but
Im slowly finding it
My answer
My heart was broken
Not to long ago
And im still not sure
If i have all the pieces
But i think i lke you
Which is weird to me
And all so very new
For so long
My heart was with
That one very person
But i find myself
Sometimes thinking
About someone else
That someone being you
But im scared
To tell you
Scared to speak
These words aloud
Because i dnt want
To be hurt again
And theres just so much
That you do not know
So much that im afraid
To speak of
But i want to be honest about
Scared that if you
Or anyone else knew
That i wouldnt be accepted
That everything would change
Not sure
Maybe im overthinking it
But i think i do
Like you
And if i know anything
Its that im scared to say
It aloud

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