not done loving you. done trying

No matter how much
I say im over you
No matter how much
I claim I'm done
At the end of the day
You have my heart
Whether you know or not
Its your
Its in you hands
But you were always
To busy with her
To notice
That you always had me
I'm done
Not done with loving you
Jus done trying to get you
I want you to be happy
Thats the best thing
You can do for me
Dont make my pain
Go in vain
Dont make my love useless
Be happy for me please
So i can be happy
I went say that itll help
Me take my heart back
Because in truth
It possible wont
But itll show me
The truth
That you heart is taken
By another
And i can be at peace
With myself
That i can find happiness as well
One day
Just for the moment yeah
my heart is in your hand
But I'm done trying

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