Half-Dreams and Stale Perfume

February 23, 2013
Last night I slept in a bed

Tainted by the scent of stale perfume

And it might have been because I heard Muse say

"I can't get these mem'ries out of my mind"

But the ghosts and monsters whirling like Kansas through my head

Wouldn't let me sleep

So I dreamed half-dreams of him

The first half-dream

I knew him like a jay knows winter

But the jay wanted to stay and know what the frost feels like

So during the storm when the city lights flickered

And radio waves crossed signals

The jay knew winter

The second half-dream

It started in a sea of bodies when we broke away from the surf

Then I waded on the shore the rest of the night

He pulled me farther up the sand

And that was where our lips met

The third half-dream

The ghosts and beasts awakened

Hungered by the smell of our pulsing blood

And they remain just out of sight

Waiting to pounce at the first sight of a morsel

To share and deform

When I finally did close my eyes

I saw a lion with fairies in his eyes

And don't ask me what this means

Is this supposed to be me and you?

Are you too strong for me?

Am I too fragile for you?

Only the sun and the moon can tell us

As the stars brighten and dim in the sky

I will watch your eyes the same way

And the monsters will read the signs

And make it what they will

But all I wish

Is to return to Saturday night

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