Yellow Roses

February 21, 2013
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Dark yet beautiful
You find a hint of peace in the yellow hue of the roses.

Eighty-three years of life and love stare at you through the smooth curves of the flowers.

Deeply loved xo.

It is in this instant, reading such honest and true words, that your happy thoughts meet your sad thoughts and they start to take over and surface.

You try hard to be strong but fail and give up.

Regret, anguish, and despair travel through salt filled drops into the undermost part of your soul.

You don’t expect it to be so difficult, but you’re proven wrong.

You’re left stunned with a feeling of emptiness that refuses to leave.

You search for that hint of peace again, your eyes tracing those smooth curves.

Amongst the darkness and pain, it is those roses that remain still and bright.

So you dig deep, trying to uncover those happy feelings that you felt just moments before.

Searching and searching you realize they surround you.

Your eyes close and your mind deep and pensive, finds them…

His smile
His laugh
His joy
His care
His strong hugs
His energy
His passion
His dedication

But more than anything else

his love.

Now you can’t help but smile through all that salt.
Whispering to yourself I will fear no evil, you close your eyes and fall into a deep sleep filled with memories of the most wonderful man you ever knew.

Dark yet beautiful
You find an abundance of peace in the yellow hue of those roses.

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