To Do List

February 21, 2013
Wake up to a soft sound
Blink eyes, afraid
See my bed
See my dog
See my sunlight

Feet on the floor, rocking
Put in contacts
See my bathroom
See my floor
See the writing on the wall

Take banana out the door
Swig some water and go
See my street
See my bus
See my strangers

Say good morning to the driver
Sit alone, studying
See my face
See my concentration
See my loss

Take a book to class
Watch the teacher’s hands
See my pen
See my ink
See my hands

Smile at grimaces
Feel important
See my backbone
See my focus
See my lie

Go home and eat a cake
Do work that does itself
See my boredom
See my emptiness
See my drive

Pat my dog on the head
Take out my contacts
See my bed
See my feet in the sheets
See my darkness

See my life.

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