Me, Gir, and a Chicken

February 21, 2013
I just wanted a puppy,
But instead, there’s a chicken
That’d give a T-rex “baby bunny” status
Storming my front yard-
Go figure.

That boy,
The one most people thought was crazy,
Warned us-
Like he always did,
But they never listened-
Except me,
I always knew Dib was right,
So I always
Escaped to my Dib-says-Zim-is-taking-over-the-world hideout,
Where I am now,
And I’d stay there
For hours,
Or days-
Till I knew it was over.
No one ever missed me.

Dib told us,
This time-
That Zim was creating
So you’re probably wondering why, then,
There’s a super-sized chicken
Causing mass destruction,
And not a massive cockroach.
Well, Gir knows
Because Gir did this-
Not making the creature enormous,
But it being a chicken, I mean.

He dominated, claimed every street
Riding atop the huge chicken,
A determined look in searing, red eyes,
Demanding, “Doom!” and “Destruction!”
Until his eyes faded into a light, innocent blue,
And he’d sing happily to the monster,
“You’re my best friend, chicken. . .”
In his childlike, robotic voice
As they leveled everything-
Ended everyone-
But me, Gir, and the chicken.
When it was finally over,
Gir found me,
And cuddled into my lap,
Explained it all-
That Zim said the cockroach was supposed to be indestructible-
It wasn’t.
But Gir didn’t know that,
Until he played with it,
And accidentally squished it,
And replaced it with a cute, little chicken
That got immensely larger than the cockroach would have.

I suppose either way we were doomed,
Except this way Gir has a friend,
And I finally have my puppy,
Even though he’s green
And sings about cupcakes and doom-
But that just makes him even cuter.

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