change is in the wind

February 21, 2013
By lyrical_lie SILVER, Blountstown, Florida
lyrical_lie SILVER, Blountstown, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
pain is only weakness leaving the body

Things are going to change…
I feel that

Things are going to change

I look up into the clouds
I feel that
Breeze that brings me back
I got that
I got
I got that

I got that I am un sure..
I got something strong enough to break out of all the chains that hold me to this floor..

Do you feel that

Again I say
I got that…
You cant hold me back…
I got this


Not that for its something more then I could ever be…

But I got this!

I got this
Who is listening?
Who would want to be?!
I guess I am just talking to my self…
Talking out loud

For it is only my self that knows …
I got this and that and I am taking it in to stride with every little blow

No one else listens to me while I let go…

So I got this
Yes I do
I don’t care if you believe it to be true

But I got this and that is reason to speak

Not one word can match my uncertainty
Now we got this.
Together… feeling like entangled vines

We got this or that when ever the need arise


Things are changing
I feel it in the heated wind

The clouds press down.. Change is in the wind
We got this cause we are strong enough from start to end

Its just something of complete complexity that drags us down
Makes us forget who we were when this all begin

Keep a clear head
That’s the hardest thing..
Getting lost in thought
Having to start again..

Having to say the same things..

Change is the air
No repeats of the past

We got this … we got that

Together we will face the world..

No holding back

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