February 21, 2013
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I guess we are all different
I think that’s what I am trying to say
I keep trying to place us…
don’t we deserved to be placed ?!
Figure out how we all fall no fit into this world.
that’s the hard part
Dealing with The insanity of it all.. The same thoughts probe my mind
Wish I didn’t have to be so stereotypical all the time

I am trying to place face after face in to a category that feels right
But I come up short each and every time

The steps of the next don’t match with the one before
The tone of one’s voice doesn’t match the proceeding one
What is it the binds us?!
Makes so different but yet the same
Maybe it is the will to break away
Refuse to stand in line like the next
Will power is a strong attribute if you know where in life you stand
Maybe.. Just maybe
I am still not sure… keep questioning my self
I question my self all the time.
Differences are accepted in a world of change.
But I feel a void and all the same.
I just want something
Something that doesn’t rip my world apart
I Want to be different
Different from the start.

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