A heart of ice

February 20, 2013
What once was a heart has turned to ice
A dark, carved masterpiece so nice
It once was red but now is black
The hands of time will never turn back
You thought you did the best you could
But it has seemed to do no good
A soul so dark, seems black as night
Your soul you sell without a fight
As you lay there falling asleep
You dream of an eternity of your own peace
But all you get is a taste of hell
In your head rings thousands of bells
By selling your soul you've lost your right
To ever know what happens next
A future so dark you lose your sight
You're mind has shut down, it's become too vexed
The straw finally broke the Camel's back
Empathy is no longer your form of attack
Solely left is to shut yourself down
Solely left is to protect your own crown
What's emotion without feeling?
It's something that long since you've found appealing
Who needs them when you've got you?
No one knows you as you do

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