The girl in stone arms

February 18, 2013
As i hold her in my arms
I can never let go
my arms have turned to stone and she is mine
she looks at me and our lips touch
Electricity flows through my body with such warmth
and i look deep into her eyes.
I see her drift away and a cage forms around me
The cage shrinks around me and i can feel my life fall
I see her tear up and turn around
I call her name out and extend an arm She walks away in tears and im filled with grief
My life is falling apart
I pull out a picture of her and hold it tight
I close my eyes and remember her soft lips and the smell of her hair
My love for her grows and the cage explodes
Im free! I sprint as fast as i can to her and when i reach her. My arms once again turn to stone around her
Nothing else matters
The world could end and i wouldnt notice
As long as she is mine
My life becoming stable again
I guess its true what they say
Love conquers all

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