Wish Upon a NIght

February 17, 2013
I wish upon a star every night
I wish for you
I wish for love
I wish for a friend
I wish for no lies
Will these wishes be good for me
It’s only me
I am the only one in this house wishing at night
I only know lies
But I trust you
You’re my brother and my friend
You show me love
Not everyone shows me love
They don’t know it affects me
You’re the best kind of friend
You’re with me in the night
I feel that I see you
You’re on the other side with no web of lies
You don’t trap me with lies
You trap me with love
I should walk away from you
But my heart won’t let me
I’m standing in the night
With you, my friend
Why would you choose to be my friend
I thought the night was full of lies
You showed me there is truth in the night
In the shadows was love
It was hiding from me
But then a light came- you

I trust you
My brother and my friend
You stand with me
Showing me no web of lies
Your light shows me love
You’re standing next to me in the night
When the night comes, I will see the light of you
Love me like a brother loves his sister. But treat me like your best friend
I will walk away from the fear and lies because I know you love me

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