Pillar of Glass

February 17, 2013
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I am a pillar of glass
I was shattered by stones as green as grass

I cannot move nor stand nor rise
I can only look through darkness with seeing eyes

I wish to be willful and strong
I wish to be rebuilt but it’s all wrong

Piece by piece I am remade
Only to be something that’ll fade

I am weak and may fall again
A simple breath will cause my end

But I ignore it and take another piece
Another step to my release

Day by day and night by night
I try and try with all my might

In hopes of meeting the glory before
But know that I will never, not anymore

Through black cloth and lily frill
I have learned that life is more than will

It is joy and bliss but hard times come
I may be shattered but I can be made one

Day by day and step by step
I will be made no matter how many tears are wept

The sun may shine in rays of gold
But I must choose to see them unfold

I am not blind nor am I weak
I am strong with words so meek

I am no longer a pillar of glass
Something to be seen but never asked

I am made by me
And being made still-

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