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February 17, 2013
By jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
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I pledge Allegiance to you all

For all the Soldiers who stood when we took our fall,

for it was a choice and a eagle's call.

What could love slain for the love of another

being connected as one a family standing tall with our fighting sister's and brother's

a companion a friendship a never ending hoop i promise i salute and support thee my

loving and collaborated troops.

You are well known of our debts our over due fee's

you payed our ties to set this unfree country free

You are committed and my dear Soldiers i shall pledge allegiance to thee.

for nor silver or gold we stand here watching as your minds and bodies pay the toll

Sit and whisper to the moon knowing we are one and it will be all over soon.

Cry not shed no tear be Faithful we are here

we are you

we are love

we are strength and your support your heart is the judge and your minds are the legislative court

We count on you all for being such an awesome sport.

renew and make peace let your minds be at ease

the blood you soldiers shed are the tears of our solem and care

as we sit still

you are in a deep situation

take your mind of the pain and think of your hard work and dedication

for the Red you are loved sharing the pumping blood of a circulatory heart

the blue for a guiding light in the moon

And the White for a brand new start.

you fight not without condition you understand the worth

you respect the motherland of nature who so effortlessly gave birth

As you respect our commands we shall respect your wishes

for your are the hope of an inhibition

let not one stare in your eyes and tell you your fate until we all are united in heavens beauteous gates.

The author's comments:
it's about my dedication Honor courage and commitment.

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