February 16, 2013
When I am blackened and bloodied,
my back aching in tightening knots,
my mind sore from fighting,
day in
day out
then will I be free?

“I pledge allegiance to the flag...”

If I scream at the top of my lungs
and tearfully sing the Great songs
that we all hold to be true
day in
day out
then will I be free?

“Of the United States of America”

Will the words skim over my mind
like the droning of a fly
on a lazy summer day?
The meaning is lost and still I fight
day in
day out.

“And to the republic”

I must sing these songs
“For which it stands”

I must say these words
“One nation”

I must pledge myself to these things
“Under 'God'”

I was never taught to understand.

I must sing this ringing melody
“With liberty”

“And justice”

“For all.”

With a pang of resentment in my heart
Just tell me what I'm saying.

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