Single's Awareness Day

February 16, 2013
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Crushed rose petals and broken hearts,
Smeared lipstick and spilled perfume.
Headaches and Tylenol,
Green souls and red rimmed eyes.

It’s Single’s Awareness Day.

Popped balloons and ripped ribbons,
Torn leggings and discarded presents.
Stuffy noses and white tissues,
Heartbreak and pink cards.

It’s Single’s Awareness Day.

Eight teddy bears coming through,
Not one of them for you.
Happy couples and romance,
None of them including you.

It’s Single’s Awareness Day.

Endless tears and bad moods,
Chocolates soiled on the floor.
Thrown nail polish and special skirts,
Secret admirers that aren’t for you.

It’s Single’s Awareness Day.

Red rimmed eyes and green souls,
Tylenol and Headaches.
Spilled perfume and smeared lipstick,
Crushed rose petals and broken hearts.

It’s Valentines Day.

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