For the ones who were always found, but became lost

February 15, 2013
How did you do that?
Get me to play your games
Watch the players’ pain
Limb by separated limb
Tear by falling tear
Acting as though we were one in the same
That noting was beneath me
I would do anything for you
What did you do to me?
Will you excuse me?
I’m not who I should be
I’m not seeing what I should see
The role you had me playing
The bloodthirsty host
These sick rotten games
Where have I truly gone?
Lost in this red filled haze
Trying to escape this
This never ending maze
I apologize
I never should have fallen in your demise
As your players fight to the ending
All of their own endings
You sit and watch
You sit and conduct others to applaud
The pawns extreme fear
Hidden beneath the roar
Hiding within all the cheers
So here here!
Hip hip hooray
For the chance to watch them die
For the chance to watch them cry
Hip hip
Hip hip
Hip hip
For only god’s sake could bless them to stay
So hum hallelujah
There is no god in these games
Watch them take their chances
Watch them break their rules
Separating each other for the win
With nothing left for the prize
You got me to hate the world
You got me to clap and cheer
Falling deeper in a hidden depression
Sinking further in a drugged dreamland
Forgive me those who have risen
I’m truly sorry
Those who’ve sat back in amusement
Soon there will be no one left to drink with
So raise your empty glasses
I’d like to make a toast
This is for what I’ve been through
What you’ve caused
This is for those who aren’t here to help me
This is for those who abandoned me
For the ones who were lost
But now they are found
For the ones who were always found
But became lost
This is to you guys
The ones who I hate the most
And your falling
Our rising
This is where you disappear
To your imminent death
Now let’s eat
Because I’m hungrier than ever

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Bmw14 said...
Feb. 19, 2013 at 6:51 pm
When I started reading I couldn't stop.
vaidaspade10 replied...
Feb. 19, 2013 at 7:31 pm
Glad! I love the Hunger Games, so I guess the Katniss in me jumped out for a little.  
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