The Best Cowboy ever known

February 14, 2013
There once was a young cowboy. He was strong and worked for the joy. He rode like the wind and never once was thrown. Yes, this young cowboy was the best the world has ever known. Well one day tat the country rodeo a rider didn't show up. The boy offered to take his place, but the rider registration simply said, "Boy, I appreciate the offer but you're still just a pup". The boy ran to his horse and showed the man how good he could ride. The man knew right then that this boy had a cowboy hidden deep inside. The man agreed to the boys terms and let him ride. For it was plain to see, this boy dept the spirit alive. The young man rode the wild horses in the rodeo and all could plainly see, those stallions were an'ry and mean. They enjoyed seein' that young man ride. In him, the pride of the cowboy could not hide. That boy rode with unquestionable glee. I bet you didn't know that young boy was me. I ride like the wind and never once was thrown. I'm said to be the best cowboy..the world has ever known.

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