A Father's Tears

February 12, 2013
A figure
Viewed as strong, all-knowing
Through the youthful bliss
Of a child's eyes.

Pertaining to love
A generous man
Pertaining to wealth
A sensible man
Pertaining to emotional stability
A seemingly constant man.

The cake seems enchanting
Till the environment settles in
Hardening its joy
Soiling its pleasure

He crumbles.
Not slowly, but rapidly.
He reaches to pick up the pieces
But his eyesight fails him.

The child, peering up to him
Now looks down upon the shrinking man
She's confused.
But daddy's blind.

He crawls weak into bed.
Curls up like a fetus
Like a child.
She cracks the door.

Looks in.
But who is this man?
Surely not daddy.
He needs to leave.

Yet he looks like dad.
Smells like dad.
Speaks like dad.
But isn't Dad.

Her mommy falls into the same pit
trying to pull daddy out.
The child attempts to make sense
Of what innocence
Simply can't grasp.

All she configures
Is that she wants daddy back.

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