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The Butterfly in a Cage

The beat of the wings,
Against the cage.
The beauty wanders at every try of escape
It fades into nothing,
Just another thing.

She dyes her hair,
To hide from the memories.
Everything done wrong,
Every simple mistake.
They haunt her,
Causes tears in her eyes.

It sits on the edge,
Most hope has died.
Nothing to live for,
Hardly alive.

She redoes her makeup,
To hide all the wrong.
She plugs in her music
And plays her song .

They butterfly attempts,
only on more time.
To fly up and out.
To the freedom chime.

The memories haunt,
as a butterfly in a cage.
Trying to get out,
until all beauty fades.
The last attempt to fly,
The last string of hope.
Slowly she dies,
on the inside and out.
Only a shell left,
of the girl they used to know.

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