February 11, 2013
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Were all frauds,
Deep down somewhere within us, we have lied.
Weather it was to ourselves, family, or friends.
If you are not true to be you, than how can you be true to anyone else.
Take a look in mirror, think about what you see.
Are you a fraud of being who you want to be?
I don’t know, you tell me.
Only you know the reasons you create self-defeat,
Only you can gain the courage to admit it, to be free from it.
Open up and understand to be fearless you have to have fear.
See everything as it exactly is, and not justify it with your unknown fears.
Cry your tears,
Laugh if you want to,
Just see, in order to believe,
All you can do is be,
And maybe someday your fraud will be set free.

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