Red Rope

February 10, 2013
By 13Illie BRONZE, Lakeway, Texas
13Illie BRONZE, Lakeway, Texas
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"If you're gonna get in trouble for hittin' someone, hit 'em hard."

Pretty red rope
So smooth and comforting
Probably only to hide the fact that its only purpose
is to separate those from others

Pretty red rope
Almost makes me feel regal
until they realize that they are behind it, and it is those who stand before it that are the important ones

Pretty red rope
Glorifies those who are meant to be thought of as special
Those who are egotistical enough to stand before it and parade about on their pedestal, noses high and shoulders back

Pretty red rope
Hides who the real mastermind, glorious, and true hero is
Because they certainly aren't the ones who dance about
painted up to look as perfect as a Barbie doll
They are the ones who sit behind the curtain and plot, using the Barbies as decoys

And believe you me that they are the ones who you would never suspect to strike

Decent red rope
Stands between us and the celebrity game of deception and lies

Ugly red rope
Protects us from those who like to cut down the small trees who think they make tall shadows

The author's comments:
Pretty self explanatory, I think. Just emphasizes how much we as humans idolize other humans, just because they can change their voice and pretend to be someone else-or just because they look good in tight clothes, when really the only thing that separates us is an ugly, tattered, overused red rope.

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