Two (To)

February 10, 2013
To laugh was all I wanted in life
To laugh was how I lived.
To laugh was all I knew,
But that meant nothing to you.

To glare is all you do.
To glare in response to my smile.
To glare is what breaks my heart.
It’s all you did from the start.

You told me not to laugh.
You told me not to smile.
You told me not to keep my head high,
But i still tried for a while.

I’m stuck in the middle,
Lost in scowling and laughter.
I’m stuck in the push and pull of life,
Caught in a tug of war.

Which side to chose?
Which emotion to lose?
Which path to take?
Which part of me to break?

Lucky for you,
You always get what you want.
Lucky for you,
Now I’m broken in two.

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