I Am What I Am

February 10, 2013
I am not my clothes,

or my hair,

or my grades.

I am not my parents,

or the neighborhood I live in.

I am not the way I talk,

or the people I talk to.

I am not your labels,

or your stereotypes.

I am not the same girl

I was three years ago.

I am not your assumptions

and your impressions.

I am the music I listen to,

and the books that saved my life.

I am my friends,

and what we do together.

I am the chances I take,

and the decisions I regret.

I am my memories,

and my childhood,

I am the monsters of my nightmares,

and the fairies of my dreams.

And I'm sorry If who I am

Is not who you want me to be.

I try my best to be


but in the end,

no one gets all the way.

So the best I can do

is to be me.

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