Ink Splatter

February 5, 2013
By ethanrblake BRONZE, West Orange, New Jersey
ethanrblake BRONZE, West Orange, New Jersey
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Lead, paint, graphite, ink
these materials express the things that we think
but why do we never use as much lead?
Led Zeppelin used it just as much as the Grateful Dead
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Hemingway knows that The Sun Also Rises
as the moon sets on the horizon
Whilst the Old Man sees the Sea incessantly
the poet inks a tattoo, lyrically;
Inks it with interpretive meaning like a- Rorschach test
but with flow far fresher than the fish at a- raw dock fest
So I paint the cognitive windowpane stains on an artistic plane
I take a poem and idealize, realize, memorize, and thus mesmerize, like:
"Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see? Sometimes your words just hypnotize me,"
and Biggie's current partner at the time would have went on to say, "Biggie, please don't tell me you threw those words in the sink?" To which he would have confidently replied, "Of course not, girl. I put those words into ink!"
But Kurt Vonnegut, he would have none of it
"Biggie," he would say, "You could make something really colorful and abstract. Put your thoughts in a spectrometer and see what refracts."
Which makes me ask myself:
Why do I so often go off on a tangent and say so much ratchet?
Nurse Ratchet had told me to sit and settle down
So I rebutted, "The world is my oyster, and I wish to astound!"
So I took my rhymes and metaphors and allusions and packed them in a bag
and I ran from the asylum without ever looking back
The only message I left was, "If you have a knack for poetics, use it or lose it!"
and the drug addicts revised, "You must abuse it or lose it!"
But then someone cried "How do I do it?"
So I replied:
Write a poem about life, write a poem about death
write a poem with length, write a poem with depth
write a poem about reality, write a poem about fiction
write a poem with antitheses, write a poem with diction
write a poem about love, write a poem about hate
write a poem on speech, write a poem on debate
write a poem to remember, write a poem to forget
write a poem about poems, that you'll never regret

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