The Other World

February 5, 2013
There was a hill I looked upon
Where the dark sun's spell was set
An enchanting twilight beckoned me in
The world that was, I did forget
Simple feelings that were not perplex
No longer sustained in yesterday's debt

The road of colors set me on the path
Taken through the trails of sycamore
When I saw an enigmatic beauty
Standing silent at the ivy door
I saw the eyes I've never seen before
Of a man I've only dreamed in 'lore

His voice of gold sang a soft whisper
Fulfilling his purpose so sublime
Making my youth feel it's return
As he proclaimed sweet lullabies
While fading away singing goodbye
Turning what was real to no place in time

Reality transformed me back to the hill
The diamond skies are now fully sealed
The casting of wishes is done with
Returning back are all the spinning wheels
Leading me to fall down into what's real
But what is no longer is what I still feel

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