February 5, 2013
The whispered tremors of broken promises
And empty words,
Linger like phantoms in the back of my mind.
Their dim shadows sulk in the darkest crevices of
Silenced secrets and hidden truths.

Long, dark eyelashes flutter
Against steely blue eyes,
And I feel a delicate chill slither up my spine.

On that frosty, frigid winter night,
My heart grew wings.

The rebirth of newfound hope left me glowing
And short of breath.
The familiar glimmer that had been hidden behind the
Silver-blue glaze of my eyes,
Had returned with a shimmering sense of new life.

The phantoms of my past still hover
In the deepest corners of my mindset,
And new battle scars shelter
Old wounds from wars lost against myself.
Relearning what is to trust someone again,
While protecting myself from what seems like inevitable betrayal.
A smile teases the corners of his mouth like a feather underneath his nose,
And his narcotic blue eyes sparkle with gentle delicacy.

My pulse slows to a consistent trudge through warm honey,
Time stops…

I exhale a satin breath of contentedness,
And melt into the velvet security that is
His protective embrace.

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