Love is

February 5, 2013
Love is, when we're on opposite sides of the door, but we talk like we're face to face.
Love is, when you're miles away, but my heart still flutters when someone walks up to my desk.
Love is, when I lay on your side of the bed because the smell of your cologne clings to the pillow.
Love is, when I don't see you for week, but feel like you're sitting beside me.
Love is, when you come back from your trip, and my world stops for just a moment.
Love is, nights with my head on your shoulder, so when you're asleep and I can just listen to your heart.
Love is, when you purposely forget my birthday so you can keep making it up to me.
Love is, a day dancing around in the pouring rain, laughing so hard we cry.
Love is, giving me hope when I feel life isn't worth living.
Love is, pushing someone away so that they can pull you closer.
Love is, taking me to see a chic flick that you think is horrible because I like it.
Love is, knowing what I'm going to say before I start speaking.
Love is, kissing my hands and arms so that our first real kiss actually means something.
Love is, knowing that no matter how far I run, you'll be right beside me.
Love is, arguing over something stupid just so we can have a romantic make up.
Love is, when you bring me fake flowers because I'm allergic to the real ones.
Love is, sharing your ice cream with me because I don't want to order my own.
Love is, asking my daddy if he will let me go on a date with you.
Love is, holding each other's hands while we jump into the total unknown.
Love is, you and I smiling when we feel like crying.
What we have, that's what love is.

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SapphireLamour said...
Feb. 15, 2013 at 9:31 am
So sweet & so true!
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