For A Better Life

February 8, 2013
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The dream of being in the shoes of a white man and standing the sands of the promised land brings so much joy to me! For I am prepared to step into my new reality of freedom, oh sweet sweet freedom! expecting nothing less of what I am coming into. I am finally going to be free, I am finally going to be happy
Come to me America, for I will make you proud!

The faces of this new world were nothing of what I have been expecting
The eyes, oh the eyes were like daggers to my confused heart for I don't know what I did wrong
My life, my new life was not what I have been hoping for

I am a Chinese American I may have had money and I may have had a family who loved me but something did not seem right, I felt like I did not belong here,
Did I truly belong here?
No, no I did not

My young body couldn't handle what these men did to me
their punches, their fists that were thrown to me were punishment for something I did not do
my vision of rock n' roll brought me to near death...
Come to me America, for all I want is to make you proud again

I try, and I try, and I still try to paint my vision of my new world but the rains of this sad reality flies by and washes them away into the drain of no return
I work, and I work, and I still work but still no money in my hands for my dinner
I fought, and I fought, and still fought for my rights, but there was still no freedom after my death, I whimper for my beloved in the heavens for she can no longer lay by my side, even in our new cemetery home. Oh why why why?
I am still so lonely

I came for freedom, but I ended up being a slave
I came for much power, but ended up being trapped and beaten like an animal
I came for justice, but ended up being tied down
I came for a new experience, but ended up in a cold cold death
Come to me America, for all I wanted was to make you proud
and all I wanted was a better life

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