The World Around Me

February 8, 2013
I’m Black and yes I’m proud
But in the world people don’t want to see me happy
They want to see me fail, fall, and give up
But nah they not getting rid of me that easy
Cause I know how to say no
I know how to turn my cheeks and keep it moving
All they want to see is us fighting and killing ourselves
But you got to have that mind set not to do those things
See I am meant for failure but I’m not gone fail
I’m meant to fall but I’m not gone trip
I’m meant to give up but I’m not gone quit
As long as I know this like Lil Wayne said I aint got no worries
Ima move on with my life whether they want me to or not
I was put on this earth not to make anyone happy but myself
Each race has its own meaning and mine happen to be black
Which mean we ain’t gone make it
But that’s a lie because ima make it
See Obama made it ok for us to have this mind set
B/c he is our 44th president and he is black
So he is my inspiration and motivation to keep my head up high, believe in myself, and set my mind to do what I want to do
So I’m glad I’m black cause now I have something to prove.

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