"spilt milk"

February 8, 2013
I told you everything,
gave up my secrets.
I spilt them like milk,
Spilt on the floor…
I was honest, but honesty doesn’t matter,
At least not anymore.
You can’t cry over “spilt milk”,
Then why does it hurt me so bad?
You can’t do anything about “spilt milk”
Except mop it up and clean the ground…
I told you so much, I loved you so much, I CARED,
Too much,
I cried.
Too long,
Too hard…
I told you everything, and my secrets came out and formed the “spilt milk”
Now, all I can do is apologize over and over, but it will have to be silent,
Because I don’t want “spilt milk” happening again.
I don’t want the mess, I’m not caring anymore, I loved you so much, that now there is no more…
No more milk for you to drink, no more time for you to think.
The “spilt milk” is gone, I cleaned it up,
Now everything is smoothed over, like a clay cup…

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