Bring Me Back To Life

January 31, 2013
I have become deaf to my own voice
Almost numb to my deepest emotions
My eyes have become red from the tears of blood
As if I witnessed a fatal explosion

There are no shields before the world
When forced to surrender to tormenting reality
Almost as if weakening my immortal spirit
And separating me from total sanity

My eyes seem open to those internally blind
Those who truly see, discover it isn't real
My body may be moving physically
But my interior self has been victim to steal

Attempting to escape the truth with lies
Almost slowly dying inside
Hiding my pain with a smile
My sorrow leaves nothing to subside

Faith and hope i battle to believe
But my loud cries are not heard in the silent woods
Who listens to my spirit when its abandoned?
They all heard when i begged they should

Wake me up inside
Where mi spirit escaped somewhere unknown
Bring me back to life
Where my body can unite with my soul

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