February 7, 2013
Whisper me bittersweet words
Words that taste like over induced candy vomit in my mouth
Your mixture of laffy-taffy coated sentences makes me sick!
Show me something worthwhile
Like the cinnamon flavored anger of hell I know you have
Give me gumdrop tears or jellybean surprise
Even bitterness like liquorice would do
Let it bite my tounge and make me gag
Anything but this manufactured sugar coated charater you’ve left me with
Give me something raw, melted
Something that doesn’t have a gummy center I have to work for
Don’t drip surup over your words to make them go down sweeter
I’m a big girl I can take my vegtables plain thanks
You don’t have to diguse my food to make me eat it
I want to see every ingrediant
Without having to look at the nutrition facts
And I want the real you… even if its just as bad for me as candy

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