Experiance in Girlfriends

February 7, 2013
“I trusted you”
Those were the words that most often left the peach lips of the long haired girls lips
Since that Tuesday
Her anger acted like dry ice cooling her heart til it burned
Lain in the hands of the shot haired British girl to crumple
Like a long forgotten childhood picture
But she still couldn’t let go
Old words pierced the surface like sewing needles
Along with the kisses and cuddles the two had shared since the incident…
Her mind was a motorway where accidents happened left and right
And the noise betrayed her as the world turned to a toxic gas
She wanted to stay, they both did
But the pain was hard to live with
And as Lady Antebellum song lyrics from once upon a nightmare surfaced
She faltered
She went back to the dance
And the sweet words and finally understood why
She had taken her heart back reluctantly it was still whole
Not broken as she had feared
And she let her go

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