Secrets Gone

February 7, 2013
Bleeding and Broken.
She wants to conceal herself from the world,
Tucked away in a black corner, alone, forgotten.
Dark mixtures of passions,
Laced with anger, shame, embarrassment, despair
Seeped down to her core.

Violated and Invaded.
She was stripped of her secrets.
She who prided herself for her privacy,
She who merely believed in her thoughts alone,
She who had no other friends in life,
Lived for the thoughts she owned.
When her privacy and mind were pried open,
Her soul had been exposed;
Pride and beliefs were exterminated.

Blackened and Shamed.
The dark hair that graced her face
Couldn’t hide her tears
Nor the betrayal and shame she felt.
Her small body conceded defeat,
Battered from the wear of life.

Trespassing and Stealing.
Her mysterious culprit got away,
Stealing her sole possessions.
Her treasured memories were gone,
Missing along with her life long secrets,
Leaving her nothing of her own,
No anchor to the world,
No hope or pride in the future.

Emptied and Hollowed.
She begins to lose the fight.
She loses her reasons to live,
Her life has no meaning,
Her life has no identity any longer,
Gone with her stolen secrets.
Filled with nothing,
Her body crumples,
Folding into minuscule, shattered pieces.

Engulfed and Encompassed.
She only wants to lay and die,
Feeling this eternal flame of sorrow.
Endless darkness overcomes her,
Relieving her from the night.
Its black tentacles penetrate her mind,
Suffocating any remaining breath of life;
It disappears, taking her into the light.

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