A Tale of a Wise Man

February 4, 2013
By TomDuff SILVER, Portage, Indiana
TomDuff SILVER, Portage, Indiana
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In the days of old, a tale was told
Of a wise man, who had a great plan
This plan was big and truly bold
It would change the ways of every man
This plan caused a movement, a true revolution
To every problem, it seemed to provide a solution
This planned had at times seemed, too good to be true
To affect every person, including me and you
The man gathered many followers, in the highest of places
He held all the cards, but one called him out
He said, "He deceives us! It makes my blood boil as my heart races!
To see him do this to all of us!" This came in a shout
The wise old man just gave him a frown
Shook his head and said, "Take him down."
The followers surged and attacked the "aggressor"
Few had realized he was a truly great professor
He spoke the truth, but his warning they did not heed
They helped the "wise man" complete his evil deed
It all came full circle, as they began to realize
That this plan will cost them all of their lives
The man's inner circle lashed out and attacked
The helpless followers with no way to fight back
They all lay there dead, not a single one rose up
If only they had listened to the "aggressor" that day
Maybe they could have been here to stay
But instead they lie bloodied, puddles of mush
The "wise man" walked to a body and gave it a push
He said, "These poor fools. They thought I was great.
No one will ever learn at this rate."
He began to walk away, and as he tread
The horns began to arise from the top of his head
His inner circle gre wings and horns too
This man had deceived everyone, including me and you
Satan is tricky, so please watch out for his tricks
Because once you fall for one, it forever sticks
A burning eternity of wrath and of hate
If you fall to hard for his tricks, this is your fate

The author's comments:
This started as a poem about a wise old man who did something great, but slowly developed into a poem of hidden treachery

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