Worse Things

February 3, 2013
By bluegirl440 DIAMOND, Park City, Utah
bluegirl440 DIAMOND, Park City, Utah
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Empty thrones
await us
I'll wear my crown
of darkness and
while yours is
crafted of the sun and stars
Side by side we'll
rule the day and night
as the Apocalypse dawns
on empty eyes and
empty hearts
IF mine are fiery
then yours are carved
from stone
Lost days and lost names
we wander
searching for our
empty thrones,
those that await us
When the sky falls
we shall rise up
and reign over the
grey wastelands and
blackened forests
Yes, I know it would
be together, always
After all this, you're
still here with me
dreaming of our kingdom
dreaming of our black future
of our twisted thrones
covered in thorns and
dripping dried blood
with a sheen of oil
upon our crowns we will
sit tall and proud...
These images are what
fill our eyes
misty shadows and coiling
For what it's worth,
there are worse things
to dream of

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